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Farrier Services

Horse Shoeing

We pride ourselves on offering professional, honest advice specific to your requirements and tailored to your horse.

We provide both hot and cold shoeing services. We shoe many kinds of horse including; heavy horses, Shetland ponies, riding horses, dressage horses, show horses, hunting horses, driving horses and even donkeys.

We can make customised handmade shoes in our forge to accommodate any special requirements.

Therapeutic and Remedial Shoeing and Trimming

The AWCF qualifies us to undertake therapeutic, remedial shoeing and trimming in cases where your horse may need specialist treatment. We take a holistic approach working with local vets to identify the ideal solution for your horses' condition.

Barefoot Management

Barefoot Management is an alternative to traditional horseshoes. We have refined this service over recent years to accommodate modern trends in equine hoof care.

We can provide regular visits to keep your horses hooves in the best possible condition.

We offer specialist advice to owners on best practice of barefoot management and hoof care, which is supported by 20 years experience in the industry.